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Angelique Louine


Mrs. Louine received her Bachelors’ Degree from the University of Phoenix. She also holds aMasters’ degree in Human Resources Management from Walden University. In additional to her degrees, she obtained from Nova Southeastern University her Child Development Associate and Director Credential.

Mrs. Louine’s interest involves teaching and training children to help them achieve both, their academic and spiritual goals.



Heather Kelly

1st Grade Ms. Kelly received her Bachelors’ degree from Columbia Union College, now known as Washington Adventist University. She obtained Master's degree from Concordia University. In Ms. Kelly’s free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and exercising.



Eleanna Hurst

2nd Grade

Mrs. Hurst, an accomplished alumna of Nova Southeastern University’s Abraham S. Fischler College of Education, received her Master of Science in Elementary Curriculum and Instruction from FCE in 2006. Mrs. Hurst earned the distinguished title of "Teacher of the Year" from the School Board of Broward County in 2017. As a dedicated third-grade teacher at Collins Elementary School, she inspired students to reach their full potential, leading them to achieve the highest percentage points in Broward County on the 2016 Florida State Assessments.

In 2023, Eleanna answered a calling to Sawgrass Adventist School, where she now serves as a second-grade teacher. Her move reflects a continued commitment to positively impact students' lives and contribute to their educational journey with enthusiasm and dedication.




Luseny Alphonse

3rd Grade Mrs. Alphonse grew up in South Florida where she received her undergraduate degree and state certification in Elementary Education. She is married with two children. Mrs. Alphonse feels pleased and honored to teach in SAS, and to be able to work with our children to prepare them for service to God and their community.





Nathalia Knott

4th/5th Grade Mrs. Knott has been teaching in SAS upper-class grades in Language Arts since 2012. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from University of Florida; and, post-graduate in Education from Nova-Southeastern University. Mrs. Knott is married with three children. Her heart’s desire is to share the love of Christ with those she comes in contact with.



Candace Brown

Middle School:

6 – 8
Math & History
6th Grade Homeroom

Meet Ms. Brown, an inspiring educator who began her journey in 2016 as a Middle School Support Facilitator with Broward County Public Schools. In 2019, she transitioned to become a Middle School Teacher, covering Math, Science, and Reading. In 2021, Ms. Brown embraced a new challenge as a Middle School Teacher at Sawgrass Adventist School, blending academic excellence with a focus on spiritual and character development. Her story is one of dedication and passion, shaping young minds for a brighter tomorrow.



Joyanna Flynn

Middle School:

6 – 8
ELA, Bible & Science
7th Grade Homeroom

Introducing Ms. Flynn, a Seventh-Day Adventist teacher who began her impactful teaching journey in 2018. She has been a guiding force in the Florida education system, imparting knowledge in subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and STEM.

In 2021, Ms. Flynn accepted the call to work at Sawgrass Adventist School, where she now teaches ELA, Bible, and Science. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Life Science and a Master's in Science Education grades 6-12, she exemplifies dedication to academic excellence. Ms. Flynn's passion for learning is apparent, and she brings this passion to our school, where she is excited to continue shaping young minds and fostering a love for education.



Dane Hurst

Middle School:

6 – 8
ELA & Social Studies
8th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Hurst has been a teacher for over 10 years in public school education and has been with SAS since 2019. He became a teacher to answer a calling from God to make a positive impact in his community and has been seeking to positively change lives of the kids & adults around him ever since.



Netanya Paul 


Ms. Netanya Paul, A passionate and creative educator, Ms. Paul has a profound love for fostering artistic expression. Her innovative teaching methods inspire students to explore various mediums, honing their artistic skills while encouraging individuality. Ms. Paul is committed to nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment, where every student can discover the joy of self-expression through the world of art. Join us in celebrating creativity and imagination in Ms. Netanya Paul's engaging art classes


Dan Hunter

Physical Education &


Administrative Staff





Mr. Stevenson was born in South Africa to third generation White African Parents. Upon arriving in the United States, he attended Andrews Academy, then Cedar Lake Academy and graduated from Andrews University with a degree in Psychology and Religion. He later earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern Mississippi.

After college, Mr. Stevenson worked as a boy’s dean, campus chaplain, history teacher, Bible teacher, vice principal then principal of several Adventist Junior, Senior and Boarding Academies across the United States.

While working in schools, he was blessed as a capable and inspired public speaker who loves to share his love for the Lord and Adventist Christian education. He is most happy working with students, preaching, teaching, and conducting weeks of prayer and evangelistic series. His daily desire and prayer is to prepare his students to be successful in this life and be ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.




Ms. Melissa is a passionate individual with a heart for service. Born in Staten Island, NY, and raised between Brooklyn, NY, Chicago, IL and Plantation, FL. Melissa is a proud mother of two high schoolers.

With an academic background in Business Management and Preschool Directorship, Melissa brings a unique blend of leadership and nurturing qualities to her pursuits. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she finds immense joy in dedicating her time to church ministry, where she volunteers wholeheartedly.

Melissa's warm and caring nature extends to her community, where she actively seeks ways to make a positive impact. Her dedication to helping others and her genuine enthusiasm for connecting with people make her a valuable asset to any endeavor.

Steve Bromfield



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